Vision Therapy & Rehabilitation

Vision Therapy          

Are you concerned with your performance at school, work, or sports? 

You may benefit from vision therapy!

Vision therapy is a customized, personalized treatment program designed to improve visual skills and allow for a more comfortable and efficient visual system. Enhancing visual skills will improve your ability to focus, read, concentrate, and perform successfully in school, work, sports, and everyday life.

Vision therapy can treat problems that glasses cannot, such as eye teaming, eye tracking, and visual perceptual deficits. Through vision therapy activities, the brain and eyes learn to communicate better, creating a positive change in your vision.

Symptoms that May Indicate a Visual Efficiency Problem

Difficulty with visual efficiency can present in many different forms. Visual dysfunction can dramatically reduce a student’s ability to learn and can hinder one’s productivity at work or in sports.

Early detection and treatment of visual challenges is important. Knowing and understanding the symptoms can lead to finding the treatment that will lead to relief of symptoms and improved daily success. Please call our office to discuss any visual symptoms you are experiencing.

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