How Vision Therapy is able to Help

Vision therapy can enhance one’s visual abilities by a patient learning how to use his or her eyes together collaboratively.  Through enhanced visual awareness and practice by the use of specialized computer and optical devices, therapy improves skills such as focusing, eye teaming and eye tracking.

When the visual system functions correctly and efficiently, the energy saved can be used to improve reading comprehension.  Learning becomes enjoyable again, allowing one to think more clearly and learn more quickly rather than struggling to read and comprehend written material.  Books become gateways and will no longer be associated with headaches and discomfort.

A full evaluation by a developmental optometrist will help determine if a visual problem is interfering with you or your child’s reading and learning skills.  If the doctor identifies a problem that will benefit from vision therapy, an individualized program will be designed to address the specific visual difficulties.  Evaluation details provided below.

Visual Information Processing Evaluation

This determines visual perceptual skills, in other words, how your brain and eyes process information.  

Binocular Vision Examination

This extended evaluation will thoroughly examine your visual system including eye coordination, focusing, eye teaming skills and ???


An extended report is prepared and discussed regarding problems identified from the initial evaluations and the treatment options available.

Vision Therapy

If therapy is deemed appropriate, an individualized program will be created to be completed at our office.

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