Vision Issues Effects on Children Undo

Vision Issues Effects on Children Undo

Pediatric Eyecare Can Help Ensure A Bright Future 

As most of us know, when babies are born, they do not have a fully developed vision. They learn how to see over their first couple of years of life as their brain continues to mature. As they grow, the vital pathways between their eyes and brain are constructed. If this process interferes, one or both of their eyes may not develop properly. However, our pediatric eye care at Desmond Vision Therapy in Lancaster is designed to help remedy vision problems in children. Let's take a closer look at why pediatric eye care is important for children. 

What Age Is the Best to Begin Pediatric Eyecare?

While there are no one-size-fits-all solutions for vision therapy, children should have pediatric eye exams within their first year or two if there is a family history of vision problems, like cataracts. The sooner the problem is detected, the more treatable the condition will be. 

Vision Therapy Solutions and Treatments for Children

Failure to properly address vision and eye problems in children can have long-term complications in life. Unfortunately, these difficulties don't stop at eye health. They can also affect a child's overall quality of life. Parents must schedule pediatric eye exams for their children to help avoid reading problems, learning disabilities misdiagnoses, and the other negative implications that can follow them throughout adulthood.

Vision Therapy Is Key to Performance

Your child trusts you to provide the tools he or she needs for a successful life. Ensuring your child can see well is undoubtedly one of those essential tools. If your child is experiencing frequent blinking or eye rubbing, complaints of fatigue or discomfort often cover one eye, has frequent headaches, has reading problems, avoids reading out loud, holds reading materials close to their face, or has a learning disability, he or she may suffer from poor vision. Fortunately, we at Desmond Vision Therapy in Lancaster can help. We specialize in pediatric eye care and offer a range of vision therapy treatments exclusively for children. Contact us today by calling 717-798-3883 to schedule an appointment. 

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