Vision Therapy and Sports Performance

Vision Therapy and Sports Performance

Vision Therapy Is a Step Beyond Prescribing Eyeglasses

Vision therapy goes beyond just throwing glasses on a person. Certain vision issues that children go through will not be corrected simply by wearing eyeglasses. This is especially the case with sports vision and the needs of young athletes in Lancaster, PA, and abroad. Seeking out an eye doctor that can help, such as the team at Desmond Vision Therapy, can get you on a path to the therapy and treatment you need to improve your vision today and tomorrow.

Defining Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is much more than just prescription eyeglasses, contacts, and the necessary surgery. It is a series of examinations and trials designed to evaluate and enhance a person’s vision. Vision therapy includes sports vision testing, which helps to improve visual skills across the board. Eyeglasses and contacts work wonders in treating all types of refractive errors, but that’s all they do. The idea of vision therapy is to teach your brain, your entire visual system, to be better and correct issues as they occur.

Physical Therapy for the Eyes

Think of this type of therapy like physical therapy for your eyes. It is all about combining the eyes and the parts of the brain that control them to improve your vision.

The activities used for vision therapy be set up by an eye doctor with a program tailored to meet your needs. Common activities include lenses, filters, computer-assisted visual programs, and more. These all play an important role in the therapy program and the process to improve your vision.

Our team at Desmond Vision Therapy aims to create a therapy program unique to every individual. Everyone is different and their needs will vary based on the visual abilities of the person, their particular activities of interest, and overall goals. The results of vision therapy can make a vital impact on an individual’s life, both now and in years to come.

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Whether you’re looking to enhance your sports performance or provide your child with the care he or she needs in order to see clearly, the vision therapy services we offer here at Desmond Vision Therapy can make the difference. Our number is 717-983-8836.

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