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Welcome to Pursuit Vision Center 
Your Vision Therapy Specialist in Lancaster, PA

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At Pursuit Vision Center , we provide comprehensive eye care through the diagnosis and treatment of visual dysfunctions interfering with the ability to advance academically and professionally. Our mission is to provide quality care to patients of all ages by enhancing and optimizing the visual system.

The term "20/20 eyesight" describes the ability to read small letters at certain distances. However, 20/20 eyesight NEVER tells if an individual can: 

• See clearly all day long
• Focus back and forth from a distant target to a book
• See single rather than double
• Read without getting a headache
• Follow words on a page without losing one’s place
• Read without becoming tired

Eye teaming, focusing, and tracking skills often are not assessed during routine screenings. Do not be misled by believing that 20/20 eyesight alone is all that an individual needs to reach his or her full potential.

Schedule an appointment today with one of our doctors.  At Pursuit Vision Center we have two of Lancaster's only developmental optometrists, to determine if you or your child may be struggling with a visual dysfunction.

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Pursuit Vision Center 
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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Rory’s tendency to use only one eye has been virtually eliminated. We rarely notice his eye drifting, and he no longer has itchy, watery eyes. Additionally, his sensitivity to the sun has decreased noticeably. We could not be happier with Pursuit Vision’s program or Rory’s tangible results!"
  • "Lydia enjoys reading now. She voluntarily grabs a book to read! She is able to focus more in class and her handwriting has improved drastically. She is able to run without losing her balance and catch and hit a softball. What a difference!"
  • "Our experience with vision therapy has been wonderful. Harrison’s therapist has been kind and encouraging. He has looked forward to his sessions. His results have exceeded his projected goals, and we are so very thankful for the treatment he has received here. We highly recommend Pursuit Vision Center!"
  • "Since vision therapy started, I have fewer headaches and better eye hand coordination. I am able to focus on moving objects without losing track of them. I can read and not feel eye fatigue and headaches coming on. I have the ability to trust my eyes and have confidence that I can improve my sports and accuracy in my favorite game of pickleball. I would 100% recommend vision therapy."
  • "I have noticed that my balance has improved, and I can walk down a flight of stairs with alternating feet rather than putting both feet down on the same step. I have an easier time looking up to the chalkboard at school, then down to my paper to copy assignments. I do not get headaches like I used to, and my eyes don’t hurt as much."
  • "Since beginning vision therapy, Elaina has become more physically adventurous and is able to climb stairs easier with less fear. She is also no longer frightened by busy environments including patterned carpeting. Elaina is now playing and enjoying toys that require attention to detail. Her verbal skills have increased while her overall fearful feelings have lessened. The occurrence of visual stimming has also been eliminated. Overall, vistion therapy has allowed improvement with Elaina's growth"
  • "Hayden's concentration and ability to stay focused have dramatically improved since beginning vision therapy. His teachers noticed a differnce since his grades improved along with the ability to stay on task during school. Vision therapy is highly recommended for children who suffer from inattention and may even help some avoid treatment with medication."
    Hayden's Mom
  • "Through vision therapy Adam's reading skills and concentration have improved. He is happier when completing activities involving reading and his grades are a reflection of his hard work. His coordination, balance, and reflex skills while playing sports have become more accurate. His art skills, including coloring and drawing, have also become enhanced. Most importantly, Adam now has a better self-esteem!"
    Adam's Mom

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